China-backed Faraday Future has revealed few details about its future battery-electric cars, but a photo posted on Twitter may give a glimpse.

The vehicle was spotted in Los Angeles by Everette Taylor, and according to Electrek, “We checked through our channels and we can confirm it’s a vehicle operated by FF,” though the site did not name its source.

The test car in the photo is heavily camouflaged in black and white, a technique used by car manufacturers to make it difficult to exactly identify a vehicle.

It does, however, appear to be a midsize crossover-style SUV similar to the Tesla Model X.

That’s in line with previous reports that Faraday’s first production vehicle would be a luxury sport utility crossover in the $100,000 range, the same market the Model X plays in.

Another reason the test car image is quite possibly a Faraday Future vehicle, the company is based in Los Angeles, and earlier spy photos caught Faraday testing self-driving technology near its headquarters using a Lincoln MKZ sedan.

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Other indicators come from conversations by the automaker with Business Insider last April.

Faraday Future’s director of communications, Stacy Morris, told the publication “Our first vehicle will be at the premium end of the segment. It will be an electric vehicle.”

Nick Sampson, the company’s senior vice president of research, development, and engineering, added, “Before the end of this year, we’ll have full prototypes that represent our production cars.”

A crossover SUV is a common body style, so this may well be some other car company testing a new model.

However, if it is a Faraday Future test car, it’s an indication the EV automaker is getting closer to a production vehicle.

Business Insider