Nick Sampson, Faraday Future’s senior vice president of R&D says the deep-pocketed and growing 400-employee California startup has an “even more creative” environment than Tesla.

But, while headlines have looked through traditional-mindset glasses as an adversary in the making bleeding talent from Tesla, BMW, and elsewhere, Sampson speaks of “allies” out there in the development and market space, not so much competitors.

These are a couple of snippets from a 7:34 video by The Verge’s Tamara Warren who interviewed Sampson, Tesla’s former director of chassis engineering, and design chief Richard Kim, formerly lead exterior designer for the BMW X1, i3 and i8.

To date, while numerous questions remain, an autonomous car built ground-up with artificial intelligence and advanced development tools and techniques is well underway.

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Sampson spoke long about the functionality of the car as an extension of one’s lifestyle or office, that might just show up in anticipation of a driver’s plans. He said little to nothing about the usual automotive metrics like cornering prowess, or luxury features, or 0 to 60 time.

No doubt those details will come later, and with prompting by Warren, he did concede performance parameters matter too.

Faraday has a $1 billion factory planned for somewhere in the U.S.

Sampson said components now being road tested, along with preparations to buy parts for prototypes, and plans are rapidly coalescing to culminate in full production and cars on the road by 2020.