It may be appropriate that Faraday Future promises to show its first prototype next week at the Consumer Electronics Show because it might have more in common with your smartphone than whatever is in your driveway.

A teaser video hints at a clean sheet design but as per usual, no specifics have been given by a company that has played its hand very close to its chest.

The approach has very nearly gotten on the nerves of veteran journalists, and one implication is if this company is so revolutionary, why is everything all so hidden?

To dismiss it however may be premature. Faraday has after all sold Nevada’s state legislature into assisting with $335 million in taxpayer dollars and the 17th richest man in China is also bankrolling Faraday’s foray into reinventing the automobile.

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Maybe more will be learned Jan. 4, but autonomous EVs through a car-sharing model appear to be in store.

This shadow in Faraday's video is hinted as the new shape of things to come.

This shadow in Faraday’s video is hinted as the new shape of things to come.

“If we could let ourselves forget everything we know about cars, would we invent the same car industry we have today?” opens the narrative on the mystery company’s proposal to set the industry on its ear.

“What if you didn’t so much own a car as use one whenever you needed?” says the video.

Car sharing is not new, and has not taken over, but maybe how Faraday wants to do it is new?

And, adds Faraday, “What if the back seat was the new front seat?”

To date no talk of vehicle dimension, weight, speed, price, power, range, cornering prowess has been discussed.

These traditional automotive benchmarks nearly seem to be so 20th century as the talk has so far focused on the user experience that is implied could be like no other.

But Faraday is staffing itself with industry veterans, and undoubtedly they know all this.

The ultra secrecy may well be quite intentional. It upsets skeptics, gets people talking providing free exposure by the media but as experienced business people that they are, they know they will soon have to deliver or be accused of smoke and mirrors.

Are you curious what will be shown next week at CES?