Faraday Future’s hiring spree now includes Peter Savagian, the general director of General Motors’ electric propulsion drive team, and a former chief engineer of GM’s EV1 battery-electric program in the 1990s.

The California electric car start up has had success in recruiting top executives, engineers, designers and technicians from a wide scope of auto manufacturers.

Savagian announced his move to Faraday Future on LinkedIn, which was discovered by Electrek this past weekend.

On his LinkedIn profile, he lists himself as Faraday’s vice president for engineering and says he will “lead engineering operations for powertrain, battery and related high voltage systems.”

Savagian will be joining several of his former EV1 colleagues, including Silva Hiti, Young Mok Doo and Steven Schulz, who are working on Faraday’s power electronics.

The four of them also all worked for the Hughes Aircraft Company, which developed power electronics for the EV1 program, prior to joining GM.

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Former hires by Faraday Future include top people from BMW, FiatChrysler, Ford, Tesla and Toyota.

Currently, Faraday is designing and engineering a lineup of battery-electric vehicles, the first of which is expected sometime in 2018.

Until that happens, Faraday Future has a logo, offices in Hawthorne, CA, a factory that is under construction in Nevada and a concept car named the FFZero1 (above photo).

The concept, introduced at January’s Consumer Electronic Show, is a single-seat racecar built on an adaptable modular platform that will underpin the company’s future production vehicles.