The mysterious Faraday Future has taken its first realistic step in becoming a bona fide automaker by building a modest factory that will eventually grow to become a part of the $1 billion mega factory.

The company has promised a lot of things in the past, but one of its bolder plans was intent to build a $1 billion plant in Nevada.

For that, the state would provide approximately $200 million in incentives, while the plant was expected to create 4,500 jobs. Construction firm, AECOM, began building the factory and then stopped once Faraday Future racked up millions in unpaid bills, a previous report from Automotive News claimed.

The news of the plant shutting down came last November with the company saying that construction would kick back up this year. Now, as reported by Las Vegas Now 8 News, Faraday Future has scaled its factory down to something more realistic.

“It’s a 650,000-square foot mini plant that’s going to be complete about August, end of August,” said Dr. Qiong Liu, North Las Vegas city manager.

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The “mini factory” will be used to build the FF 91, which was unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), while construction for the 3 million-square foot plant will continue. AECOM is in charge of building the smaller factory and, as Las Vegas Now 8 News reports, has already paid and filed for expedited construction permits for the modest facility.

With the electric car expected to go into production in 2018, the construction of a smaller, more realistic factory will help the company reach all of its lofty goals.

Las Vegas Now 8 News, Automotive News