Jia Yueting, Faraday Future co-founder, is facing heat from Chinese regulators to address mounting debts from vendors tied to LeEco, ignoring a court order for him to return last Dec. 31.

In a notice by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), as reported by multiple Chinese media agencies, Yueting defaulted on interest-free loans to various creditors. These loans were used to fund LeEco’s business ventures before Yueting resigned last May.

In a note to his WeChat social media account, Yueting has stated the need to remain in the U.S. to continue development of the FF91 and to resolve its much-publicized refinancing issues.

The fundraising for Faraday Future in the United States is making significant progress, and there are many tasks I need to push forward in order to ensure the production and timely delivery of the [latest model] FF91,” said Yueting.

As a result of Yueting’s ongoing financial woes, China has moved to place him on a national default blacklist, with asset seizures caused, in part, by a missed debt payment last July. Other penalties that may occur as a result include travel restrictions, which Yueting is well aware of and cited as a reason for not returning.

No word yet if China is planning on taking further action to expedite Yueting’s return.

Beijing-based LeEco (short for “Le Ecosystem”) is the Chinese conglomerate Yueting used manage full-time before jumping ship to Faraday Future. An electronic and entertainment company, its portfolio first focused on a video streaming service before expanding into original programming, phones, Smart TVs, film production, music streaming, and other digital services.

Past notable accomplishments have included but are not limited to bundled content services (EcoPass), the acquisition of Vizio, and development of the RapidE electric vehicle alongside Aston Martin.