Spy photographers have spotted a Faraday Future development car testing with autonomous driving gear.

The images captured are not a Faraday Future car — they haven’t made any yet — but the spy photo people are adamant that it is Faraday testing in the real world not far from the company’s California headquarters.

The test vehicle is actually a Lincoln MKZ sedan, which is about the same size car expected when the working-behind-the-scenes start-up car company builds its first electric vehicle.

Photos published on Autocar.com show that the Lincoln has modified front and rear bumpers with embedded sensors.

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The dead give away that it’s a self-driving test car is the LIDAR (laser-based radar detection) modules fixed to the roof.

These sensor-powered systems are common on semi-autonomous test cars, and are needed to collect crucial real-world data for driverless computer systems.

Faraday Future, along with Apple, Ford, Google and Tesla, has been granted the right to test semi-autonomous cars on California’s public roads by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Faraday Future has not been shy in saying it will take on Tesla Motors with a range of electric vehicles based on a scalable modular platform.

Faraday’s first EV will be a Tesla Model S adversary that should debut late next year or early 2018.

When it does arrive, the photos indicate it will also challenge Tesla’s Auto Pilot semi-autonomous technology as well.