Yesterday it was reported Motor Trend was provocatively teasing that today it might have news and photos for the world’s first debut of a car developed by Apple.

As it turns out, the build-up via successive tweets and images of partially revealed futuristic car designs was nothing more than to drum up excitement for a story about what it thinks the Apple car should be.

“It’s coming: #MTAppleCar vs. #Tesla #Model3. Check Back 4/14,” said a tweet yesterday invoking SEO-friendly, eyeball, grabbing, revenue-generating keywords.

The Apple Car and Tesla Model 3 are, after all, hot topics right now that many people want news about, and Motor Trend capitalized on that to create interest for its story.

“Is this the #AppleCar we’ve all been waiting for? Find out 4/14. #MTAppleCar,” went another tweet with image of a back of a vehicle with an Apple logo on the rear hatch lid.

Yesterday a commenter about the news of Motor Trend’s tweets gave his thoughts on the subject.

“After tweets like that, if they don’t unveil an apple car – no one will take them seriously in the future,” said the commenter. “Hopefully they’ve read the story of the boy who cried wolf.”

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As it is, Motor Trend did not unveil an Apple car. It was not disclosed whether anyone read the story about the boy who cried wolf.

But at this time we can now report that you can safely go back to your speculation, personal opinions, and keep checking for signs of an actual disclosure from Cupertino – and to date Apple has made no announcements.

Or, as intended, you can head on over to Motor Trend and read its June cover story or check out a video of a roundtable discussion described as follows.

“Basically, our exhaustively researched, comprehensively covered, but entirely speculative thoughts on what the Apple Car could be,” said the editor in a video.