In cooperation with the Audubon Society, Toyota is offering the chance to win a Prius v in its “Exit The Highway” campaign that encourages scenic drives to natural attractions near to over 60 cities.

As the name implies, the promotion is intended to highlight the eco-friendly car as the ideal vehicle to discover ecology – places discovered away from the interstates, highways and turnpikes that nonetheless are proximal via secondary and tertiary roads.

Via a dedicated Web site, participants are encouraged to download and share Exit the Highway itineraries as well as learn more about local conservation efforts from TogetherGreen.

Among attractions are more than 100 that include nature preserves, safari parks and there’s even a “love motel for insects” along the way. Google Map routes help you find your destination along more pleasant routes chosen for their scenery.

“Get involved in Toyota’s philanthropic programs across the U.S., like TogetherGreen, and learn how the National Audubon Society is conserving and restoring America’s ecosystems,” says the Toyota-Audubon Society collaboration. “ has plenty of ways you can help make a difference.

To borrow a term from biology, this marketing arrangement is a mutually symbiotic one in which the Audubon Society and related interests get greater attention, while Toyota’s spacious but economical hybrid car does too but the positive intention is win-win-win.

From a strictly pragmatic viewpoint, driving extra miles is not fuel efficient, and with the price of gas these days (even if it is on a decline at the moment), some families may be looking to avoid road trips just for the fun of it. However, the over 40 mpg offered by the Prius v could be considered low enough not to worry about such things allowing people to enjoy the trip, or so the implicit message goes.

And if you don’t win a new Toyota – if you’ll pardon another biological metaphor – Exit the Highway plants the seed in consumers’ mind that it could be the ideal vehicle for nature excursions and many other more ordinary purposes.

Naturally, you can still participate no matter what you drive.