Former Faraday Future CFO and COO Stefan Krause and Ulrich Kranz have reportedly ventured into creating a new electric car startup called Evelozcity.

According to Electrek, which cited a source providing the information, Krause has started a new electric car company using sources secured from previous Faraday Future deals now fully leveraged without Faraday Future CEO Jia Yueting’s involvement, which was previously seen as disruptive. The source further explained that ex-Faraday Future employees have joined Krause, preferring his management style as a reason for jumping ship.

The new startup has created a website, Evelozcity, which is limited on content and heavy on mission statements and subdued background imagery with what appear to be tree branches displayed in an artful form. Its “Our Vision” statement emerges from a faded gray background upon scrolling.

“Our Vision. Design, Develop and Deliver the Most Competitive, Capable, Connected and Clean Mobility Device for the Next Generation.”

Second and third pages contain a simple Contact form and a Careers page calling for automotive and technical engineers, designers, CAD modelers, UX designers, and similar roles. The ads ask that applicants “join a dynamic Southern California startup company” with interest in electric propulsion component, automotive program management, and other EV-related skillsets. Upon clicking “Apply,” the page redirects to a user’s primary email client addressed to [email protected] with no further instructions on required documentation, such as a resume or cover letter.

As for incorporation and WHOIS details, Electrek also reports that the company was incorporated on Nov. 7 with no further details provided.