The 6th ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally, an event for electric vehicles, will be held March 20 to 22.

ZENN is short for “zero emissions, no noise;” the rally is a motorsport competition open exclusively to electric cars with a range of under 250 kilometers (155.34 miles). Like its renowned parent competition, the Monte-Carlo Rally, the ZENN Rally is run in the Principality of Monaco.

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Four Renault ZOE electric vehicles will be competing in this year’s event. Renault stated the ZOE is putting its title on the line to once again prove that electric power can combine environmental concerns and automotive passion.

To date, entries include vehicles from Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Kia, Nissan, Think, France Craft and Renault.

The ZENN event is held at the same time as the 16th Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles, which started on March 18, an event dedicated to new and renewable energies organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco.

With over 85 entries, the 16th Rallye Monte-Carlo des Energies Nouvelles includes EVs, diesel-hybrids, hybrids, biodiesels, E85, GNV and GPL powered vehicles.