JNS Holdings Corporation announced this week that it has formed a new majority owned subsidiary, Evolve USA Charging Corporation, an Illinois domiciled and based company.

Evolve USA Charging Corporation will be solely responsible for new sales, service and the development of electric vehicle charging Systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Evolve will also be responsible for administration of the recently agreed upon Asset Purchase Agreement of the Chicago Grant Agreement.

The company said that initially, upon court approval Evolve will begin operations with a network of owned and operated units that consist of 142 Level II chargers and 26 Level III DC fast chargers within the Chicago market.

Evolve will also focus on expanding its number of units with additional acquisitions and the development of new locations.

JNS expects that Evolve’s business model will allow Evolve USA Charging Corporation to own, operate and maintain a network of EV Charging Stations throughout the Chicagoland area by entering into shared revenue agreements with the owners of desired properties.

Evolve is proceeding with securing exclusive locations strategically placed within Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and in conjunction with targeted areas for our initial launch of our Electric Vehicle Charging Station infrastructure.

“The company believes that EV Charging Stations offer an excellent opportunity for revenue growth as more and more consumers seek alternatives to oil dependency and environmentally friendly options,” stated Brian Howe, Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Howe also stated, “With more and more automobile manufacturers developing electric vehicles and the cost of such vehicles coming down the need for charging stations will only increase. JNS based upon its years of experience in the electrical industry is poised and ready to seize this opportunity.”