DC fast charging networks that zap EV batteries back to service are still on the increase, and not surprisingly the most intense clustering of them is in the state of California.

According to EVGo, the nation’s largest public EV fast charging network which operates 950 fast charge stations at 600 locations in dozens of states, eight of the top 10 cities it operates are in the Golden State.

It’s little wonder eight of the 10 cities are in California since about half of all plug-in vehicles are sold in that state. Many EVs have been either only sold in California, like the RAV4 EV, or are sold primarily in California plus a small handful of other states following its zero emission rules.

This said, two cities on the East Coast make the list.

So here is EVgo’s top 10 cities for DC fast charging and how much electricity the chargers use and range they give. And yes, number eight may surprise you.

10. Daly City, Calif.

If you aren’t familiar with the name, then you might wonder how a city you hadn’t heard of could end up with 1,114 average charge sessions per month. Daly city is the city directly south of San Francisco. Being stuck between Silicon Valley and San Francisco could help explain how the city of 106,000 could have 1 charge session for every 10 people every month.

9. Atlanta, Ga.

That’s right. Atlanta is the first of two cities on the list not in California. But Georgia offers big incentives for EVs too. Up to $5,000. And the state was offering access to carpool lanes for EVs too. That’s why Atlantans get enough of a charge every month to loop the city’s I-285 ring road 1,481 times.

8. Arlington, Va.

The second and last city not in California, why Arlington? The area is known for high traffic, so access to high occupancy vehicle lanes is a big plus. The area is also home to many lobbyists, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other groups who could be thinking green. Arlington chargers use about 386 megawatts of electricity per year. In solar terms, that’s about 1.3 square miles of solar cells, about 1.5 Pentagons.

7. Los Angeles, Calif.

Los Angeles sits at number seven on the list. Residents there charge an average of 1,348 times per month or about 674 hours of charging. That’s 28 days of charging a month, or about the same amount of time the average LA resident spends sitting in traffic.

6. Berkeley, Calif.

It should be no surprise that Berkeley ranks high on the list. The city is so EV friendly that it even allows residents to install chargers at the curb by their home. EVgo sees 1,511 charges per month there.

5. Cupertino, Calif.

It’s the home of Apple and in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s no surprise then so see the city high on the list. Cupertino charges gave out enough juice to charge an iPhone 7 about 4.4 million times.

4. San Jose, Calif.

By the fourth spot on the list, the number of charges starts to really climb. San Jose averages 2,570 per month. That’s enough to save about 6,425 gallons of gas every month for a compact car.

3. San Francisco, Calif.

San Francisco is the heart of tech country, and home to Tesla’s flagship store. EVgo powered 2.64 million miles on average there. That’s enough to lap the Golden Gate Bridge about 778,000 times.

2. Fremont, Calif.

Fremont is the home of Tesla’s factory. It’s also home to a lot of EV charging. EVgo averaged 3,881 sessions per month there. That’s a little over 1 million kW a year, or about what the Hoover Dam generates in two hours.

1. San Diego, Calif.

San Diego really raises the bar for charging on the EVgo network. The city averages 6,073 charges per month. That’s 455,400 miles every month, nearly the distance to the moon and back. Stay charged, San Diego.