Evercar is expanding its fleet of hybrid and plug-in vehicles to San Francisco, to share cars with drivers of popular on-demand services like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and DoorDash.

Evercar offers these drivers $8 hourly rentals that covers the car, fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs for unlimited miles. Drivers have access to 2016 Toyota Prius vehicles in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco and in Downtown Oakland, near the 12th Street BART station. Plug-in electrified vehicles will be added to the local fleet, and a few more Bay Area locations will be added this year.

Its cars have been a mix of all-electric Nissan Leafs and hybrid Toyota Priuses at its Los Angeles locations.

On-demand service drivers can apply on myevercar.com. Once approved they’re able to use Evercar’s mobile app to reserve vehicles and gain keyless access.

Evercar says drivers can also tap into its training program along with “24/7 phone support, a SafeDrive program to help ensure safety for drivers, and data-based coaching to help drivers make optimal decisions on when to drive based on their needs,” according to the press release.

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San Francisco has been a hotspot for Uber, Lyft, and delivery service Postmates, which have their corporate headquarters in the city. The challenge for some of their drivers is financial difficulties keeping them from owning a car and keeping it running, Evercar said.

“We’re changing the paradigm by combining car sharing with well-maintained electrified vehicles and data. In doing so, we’re able to offer a highly flexible yet affordable solution that puts drivers behind the wheel of safe, environmentally-friendly vehicles, while coaching them to earn as much as possible,” said Evercar CEO Michael Brylawski.

The company launched in Los Angeles in 2015. Evercar offers more than 1,200 members access to over 100 shared vehicles in 13 vehicle hubs in the L.A. area. The company said it has plans for continued expansion, and has financing available to acquire up to 3,000 new vehicles over the next year.