Sales of electric cars in the UK are falling, while hybrid sales are on the rise.

The UK auto market has been falling for nearly a year. New vehicle sales have been dropping for 11 months, down 5.1 percent this year. But it’s not all vehicle types that are causing the drop. It’s electric cars and diesels that are showing the biggest sales losses.

EV sales in the UK showed a big increase from 2016 to 2017, up 32.5 percent. But in the last three months, those sales have fallen off. Sales of all-electric cars fell off 16.8 percent in December, 37.1 percent in January, and 26.5 percent in February. That puts EV sales down 33.7 percent for this year.

It’s expected that those sales could fall off even further, thanks to a government grant on EVs of $6,292 (£4,500) that expires at the end of this month, with no replacement in place.

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The UK car market is down overall but by a much smaller amount. Total sales were are down 5.1 percent this year, and while the EV drop is substantial, it still represents less than half of a percent of the total car market.

The lion’s share of the sales falling are from diesels. Diesel sales in the UK are down 24.9 percent for the year so far, with the majority of those losses coming from business sales. Company cars.

EV sales are down, and diesel sales are down, but the market overall is only down slightly. That’s because of stronger sales of gas-powered vehicles. Plug-in hybrids are setting a record pace.

Sales of plug0in hybrids are up 41 percent for the year, with a volume four times that of pure electrics. Regular hybrids are up too. 22.1 percent for the year. Still a small share of the total market, but growing quickly and appearing to take the place of diesel for those wanting to drive clean. The increase in hybrid car sales helped boost the total number of ultra-low emission vehicle sales by 19 percent in the first two months of this year.

The sales figures show that work is still needed if the UK is to be able to ban gas and diesel vehicle sales from 2040, as they had announced last year, without significant market impact and changes.