Drayson Racing Technologies and Michelin entered in a strategic partnership that will begin with an assault on the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record on June 25.

Michelin is now the official tire partner of Drayson Racing Technologies (DRT), whose cars will run exclusively on Michelin rubber in the build up to the inaugural 2014/15 FIA Formula E season.

This partnership also includes the Drayson B12 69/EV hypercar that will challenge the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record.

Lord Drayson will aim to beat the current record of 175mph set by Battery Box General Electric in the United States and which has stood since 1974. This record has held firm for nearly 40 years due to the technical challenge of running an electric vehicle consistently and reliably at such speeds when weighing less than 1000kg.

DRT will make the attempt in the UK, at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire.

Michelin is providing the control tires to the FIA Formula E Championship, and this real-world trial will influence the development of key Drayson Racing Technologies components for the 2014 Formula E season.

Lord Drayson will also act as a Michelin ambassador and showcase Drayson Racing Technology vehicles at numerous events in the run-up to the inaugural Formula E season.

Commenting on the partnership, Lord Drayson, founder and Managing Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies said that “Michelin has a strong pedigree in motorsport innovation and we at Drayson Racing Technologies are sustainable motorsport pioneers, so the partnership was a natural fit. I’ll be driving the B12 69/EV during the World Electric Land Speed Record attempt and it gives me great confidence to know that the best team in the world right now have provided the tires, which will play such a crucial part.”