Tesla Motors has just launched its Model S 100D with an estimated 335 miles of range per charge, and starting price of $95,800 (plus destination).

That comes from a 100 kWh battery. It’s still an EPA-estimated figure and the final figure may change slightly.

However, you can pay $3,000 less if you order a Model S 100D without the standard, pre-selected upgraded interior.

You can also jump into “Ludicrous” mode in the upgraded Model S P100D, but you lose a little bit of range. You’d still be passing the 300-mile mark; Tesla says it will go 315 once fully charged.

The Model S 100D can go up to 155 mph, and can reach 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. As has always been the case, the P100D has that speed beat, with enough torque to go 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds.

Tesla also launched the Model X 100D with a 100 kWh battery and 295 miles of range with the EPA estimate.


The Model X P100D can also get Ludicrous and reach 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds versus 4.8 seconds for the Model X 100D. The range is still close together, with 289 miles per charge for the P100D versus 295 for the 100D variant.

Pricing for the Model X 100D starts at $101,800, plus destination charge. That’s $37,000 less than the P100D price; and, like the Model S 100D, you can get an even bigger savings if you choose to buy the less expensive version with the upgraded interior removed for a starting price of $98,500.

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Purchase prices for any variation of the Model S or Model X with new battery packs will also have $7,500 shaved off the price with a federal tax credit. More will be shaved off the price for those who purchase the electric vehicle in states with incentive offerings – California, Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Tesla also estimates owners will be saving $5,500 in gasoline expense while driving a Tesla Model S 100D over five years; and $5,400 in gas savings with a Tesla Model X 100D over five years.

The Model S 100D will start deliveries in late March; the upgraded Model X hasn’t been given a delivery date yet. Both models have a $1,200 destination and documentation fee added to the cost.

InsideEVs said it got a little bit overly optimistic about the range the Tesla Model S 100D would be gaining. With the 90D rated by the EPA at 294, they did the “napkin math” with the 100 kWh battery pack possibly offering a 17 percent increase in range. That would have come out to about 343 miles combined.

Still, at 335 miles per charge with the early EPA estimated figure, that would be 20 miles per charge farther than the P100D getting 315 miles.