A Hyperloop One cofounder is starting up a rival company with other technology veterans who came from the competitive startup.

The new hyperloop company, Arrivo, has entered the race for an ultrafast transportation system that shoots pods with passengers and cargo down vacuum tubes. It comes from a 2013 blog post by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk featuring design photos, technology innovations, and the suggested name of Hyperloop.

Cofounder Brogan BamBrogan left Hyperloop One last year after a reported inner struggle and lawsuit.

BamBrogan, formerly named Kevin Brogan while working at SpaceX, according to a Business Insider report, is leading Arrivo along with several former members of the Hyperloop One team. Nima Bahrami, Knut Sauer, William Mulholland, and David Pendergast are coming over, with the last three of them and BamBrogan, having been called the “Gang of Four” in Hyperloop One’s countersuit last year. Other Arrivo cofounders include Jadon Smith, a former senior engineer at SpaceX, and Andrew Liu, an executive from AECOM, the company that had constructed a mile-long hyperloop test track at the SpaceX campus in Hawthorne, Calif.

The startup company plans to have 30 engineers and a total of 80 employees in place by the end of the year.

Arrivo is identifying itself as an “arrival” company, with the idea of taking the worry out of travel, focusing on efficiently and effortlessly reaching the destination.

The company slogan says it all:  “Why travel when you can arrive?”

BamBrogan says the company will offer a “unique take” on the hyperloop. The new company will serve to transport both passengers and cargo; and, he says, the company is already in talks with potential partners around the world.

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While the hyperloop technology is likely years away from being utilized for moving people and goods, it is already seeing more competition. Hyperloop One plans to create a tubular route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and other locations. Another company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has a development agreement in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Korean government-run Korea Railroad Research Institute wants to connect the South Korean cities of Seoul and Busan. Elon Musk’s SpaceX space transport company doesn’t have plans in place to develop its own version of hyperloop; however, is encouraging groups to advance the advanced technology as well.

Last year in May, Hyperloop One, closed an $80 million funding round, while also securing development partnerships with several investment and engineering firms.

About that time, the Los Angeles-based company tested its railcar on a tubeless track in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Within just a few seconds, the railcar accelerated to more than 100 miles per hour before being ending the experiment by being intentionally slammed into a pile of sand.