Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again turned to Twitter to tease a new product, but the mystery product to be unveiled is not a car.

In response, people are whimsically speculating on Twitter in return that this unveiling will however be some sort of flying car or perhaps a space elevator, but Tesla has hinted something a bit more realistic.


Tesla is in the midst of ¬†constructing the world’s largest battery factory in Nevada, a venture which Musk says will lessen the price of battery storage by up to 30 percent.

With this, homeowners will be able to combine solar panels with back-up capacity in order to essentially remove yourself from the utilities grid.

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“The sort of thing we have in mind is something that looks a bit like the battery pack in the Model S … something really flat … coming just five inches off the wall, a beautiful cover, integrated bidirectional inverter, and it’s just plug and play” stated Musk last May according to Bloomberg.

While it’s not completely certain what Tesla will be revealing, Musk did state with analysts last Wednesday during a conference call that Tesla has plans of releasing this home battery “fairly soon.”