On the day after divisive rhetoric between the two presidential candidates on Sunday – which touched on controversial energy policy – Tesla head Elon Musk observed he was (again) accused of running a ‘fraud.’

“Tesla is a fraud,” said Robert Murray, CEO of coal producing Murray Energy on a video recording of CNBC’s Squawkbox. “He’s gotten $2 billion from the taxpayer; has not made a penny yet in cash flow. Here again, it’s subsidies. And, Hillary Clinton said they need government help. She was talking about Elon Musk, Warren Buffet [etc.] … That’s what she was talking about, and supporting her friends. It has nothing to do with the environment …”

Apparently unfazed, Musk tweeted the link to the clip from Yahoo finance, and followed on its heels with a comment of his own.


With concerns over global climate change rising, it has produced an enormous lever for policymakers to push through mandates and backing for alternative energy.

A knee-jerk reaction is to accuse the coal (or petroleum) industry of being intellectually dishonest, in denial over their conflict of interest – and in cases this may be so.

Beyond that, there exists a constituency which seems to truly not believe the threat of greenhouse gas emissions is as great as represented.

This divide has existed, and can create some heated opinions, no pun intended, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail.