The creative personality behind Tesla and SpaceX has said that by 1:30 Pacific time today, he will reveal plans on the much-speculated-upon Hyperloop transportation system.

Simultaneously simple in concept, but potentially daunting and exorbitant in execution, the concept to transport people at an estimated 600-720 mph inside a tube train has been famously described by Elon Musk as “a cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table.”

The solar-powered transport would rely on a semi-vacuum, and magnetic induction for propulsion. In simplified concept, it is a lot like the tubes banks use at drive-in windows to suck cylinders full of transactions back and forth.


The magnetic induction and mass scale would be updates to an old idea projected as possible future technology.

Musk first teased the idea in July 2012, and has since said even though he is promoting it, and putting his hand into its design, he likely won’t be the one to bring it to production – if it ever sees production – given his busy schedule with SpaceX and Tesla.

His tweet from last night says he has sacrificed sleep of late to meet his self-imposed deadline. Stay tuned.