Outspoken Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dropped more details via Twitter on when owners will be able to lease a Model 3, and the potential for a red interior.

The CEO replied to a question from the Model 3 Owners Club on the social network, which asked when the more affordable electric car will be available for a lease program. Musk explained leasing negatively affects the company’s cash flow. While pushing for customers to simply finance the car, he did claim lease programs will probably show up in the next six to nine months.

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Before responding to the idea of a red interior for Tesla vehicles, Musk added that demonstration cars for the Model 3’s performance package should arrive at retail centers in the next four to six weeks. Right now, the order page for the performance variant is “progressively” rolling out to reservation holders.

About the red interior: Musk claims it’s coming next year and didn’t offer any other details. It’s unclear if the red interior will be available for the Model S, Model X, or Model 3. Or perhaps each, though the option does seem better suited to either the Model S or Model X. Musk has continuously said more complexity is not what’s needed to continuing ramping up Model 3 production.