Elon Musk Says a Tesla Pickup Truck Prototype Could Happen in 2019

Rivian, Bollinger, and other electric truck manufacturers may soon have company from Tesla.

More than a few independent manufacturers have been showing off all-electric pickup trucks and 4x4s over the last few months, a development that seems to have Elon Musk chomping at the bit.

At his Apple-esque keynote event not long ago, Musk showed off renderings of something resembling a pickup truck with what looked like a normal-sized half-ton in its cargo bed. Taken at face value, that would give the vehicle shown in that drawing the dimensions of Gravedigger. Or at least the size of your author’s morning cup of coffee.

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Musk recently replied to a fan on Twitter who had asked when he’d be able to order a Tesla pickup. Musk, as he is wont to do on the social media platform, responded directly.

Paring things back to reality, draping a pickup truck body sized like a half-ton over the Model X architecture wouldn’t be completely unrealistic, given the inherent interchangeability of the electrified building blocks which make up that machine. It goes without saying that trucks are a huge seller in this country, a Tesla surely wants a piece of that profitable pie.

A number of all-electric pickups have surfaced in the last twelve months. Rivian showed up at the L.A. Auto Show earlier this month with a dandy R1T pickup, packed with unique storage solutions and said to be capable of hauling heavy loads. Bollinger has been touting a truck version of their styled-with-a-t-square SUV, one which allows users to open hatches on both ends to permit the storage of cargo through the entire length of the truck. Sixteen-foot 2×4 boards, anyone?

Taken at face value, a timeline of the company showing a concept truck in 2019 would bode well for an on-sale date sometime in 2020 or 2021. It is worth bearing in mind that Tesla has a lot on their plate right now, ramping up Model 3 production, keeping supplies of Model X and Model S vehicles flowing, while dealing with various financial challenges and the ire of the SEC. This not to mention the new Tesla Roadster shown at that same show, plus the anticipated Model Y and some sort of semi truck.

With Rivian and Bollinger making lots of noise, there’s little doubt we’ll see production versions all-electric pickup trucks sooner rather than later. Musk’s ambition seems to indicate Tesla will have a challenger ready. As for a when, however, that remains to be seen.

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