It’s high stakes for Elon Musk’s net worth in an all-or-nothing deal based on hitting new Tesla milestones.

On Tuesday, Tesla announced Musk’s new 10-year compensation plan, with performance awards given based on completion of “market cap and operational milestones.”

The company said that if Tesla’s market cap increases to $650 billion (from its current roughly $50-billion position) over a ten-year period, then all awarded equity would vest in said period. To laser in, if its market cap does not hit an additional $50 billion in each of 12 dates, specified by the company, then Musk receives no guaranteed compensation. Guaranteed compensation is defined as salary, cash bonuses, and equity over time.

The only compensation awarded would be a 100-percent “at-risk performance award,” its workings of which was not elaborated upon in its announcement, other than that Musk would only be “compensated only if Tesla and all of its shareholders do extraordinary well.”

At the moment, Musk owns 22 percent of all Tesla shares, or $13 billion worth of stock, which is not at risk under the new compensation structure. If all milestones are achieved, his total Tesla-based net worth could reach approximately $184 billion. In total, his current net worth is roughly $21.5 billion, with an annual salary of $56,000.

For perspective, that’s a fifth of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos figure, currently standing as the world’s richest person with a net worth of approximately $108 billion in Amazon stock.