Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied service to a customer for being “super rude.”

U.S. venture capitalist Stewart Alsop wrote a post stating that Musk canceled his Model X pre-order following a phone conversation. It appears the phone conversation was in response to another post Alsop had written, where he complained about a delay in starting the Model X launch event and how the room was stuffed. In addition, Alsop didn’t get the chance to see the crossover and said that Musk presented an “amateur” slide show at the event with too much focus on safety. According to Alsop, he had put down a $5,000 deposit on a red Model X with black leather seats and the Ludicrous Speed option.

musk tweet

Source: Twitter.

Surprisingly, Musk’s rebuttal was a simple tweet, and his sentiment is understandable, since this isn’t the first time a luxury automaker has banned sales to certain customers. Automakers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini are known to be selective with who can purchase their vehicles and even the new Ford GT is having a selection process. Now, Tesla has not achieved the stature of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but without ever hearing what happened during the phone conversation, we will likely never know the true story or just how “super rude” Alsop was on the phone to Musk.

You can read Alsop’s full post here.

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