Tesla CEO Elon Musk is firing back at his critics at a torrid pace, this time saying that the media’s reporting on its recent crashes, ongoing NTSB investigation, and reasons for not incorporating safety features is biased.

Calling its recent coverage of the second Tesla crash this month “super messed up,” his latest shot involves the recent crash of a Model S into a fire truck, resulting in the driver sustaining a broken ankle while calling out U.S. auto accident statistics.

In Tesla’s Q1 conference call, Musk also confirmed “a steady increase in the percentage of miles driven using Autopilot” and that there were drops in usage when negative media coverage prevails.

This week, Musk also disputed a recent Wall Street Journal article that explained Tesla’s reasons for not adding “more tech warnings to inattentive drivers’ using eye tracking and steering wheel sensors to its Autopilot suite due to high costs. A follow-up comment by Musk also tried to rebuke safety concerns, citing 2017 NHTSA data of automotive fatalities occurring every 86 million miles versus 320 million miles for Tesla.