Elio Motors says that 41 states have allowed for an easier licensing process for its three-wheel fuel efficient “autocycle.”

Buyers of the Elio vehicle are benefiting from the new laws including the “autocycle” category, which means that Elio vehicle owners in 41 states don’t need a motorcycle license to drive the three-wheeler. With New Jersey and Rhode Island updating its laws this summer, all but nine U.S. states either have exemptions for motorcycle licenses or added the autocycle provision.

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Elio Motors says that its vehicle, which is still slated to be launched, will have a targeted base price of $6,800 that will get up to 84 mpg. Elio has been leading the autocycle legislative charge at the state and federal level since 2012, the company said in a press release.

Its vehicle is not battery-powered. It’s running off of a 900cc three-cylinder engine. The Elio will have airbags, seatbelts, and a steering wheel, as well as accelerator and brake pedals. Like most automotive startups, Elio Motors has been subject to numerous production delays clearing government approval.

As of late spring, Elio said it has more than 50,000 reservations for its vehicle. There has been a delay in delivering on these orders. The company pushed back its launch date, saying that it would reduce 2016 sales to 100 pre-production vehicles and start ramping up in 2017.