Startup electric vehicle maker Eli, introduced its Zero EV, a Renault Twizy lookalike, at the Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas today.

The pint-sized two seater, with a body made of high-tensile aluminum, is 88.5-inches long, 54-inches wide and 61-inches high, and weighs in at just 795 pounds.

Eli tags the car as “the new A to B,” and said it is, “reimagining the future of urban mobility to create the world you want to live in.”

A 48-volt battery provides juice for a 4-kilowatt electric motor that powers the rear wheels. Top speed is 25 mph. That puts the Zero in the neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) class of vehicles, which has restrictions on where the car can be driven.

With a driving range that varies between 40 and 75 miles, the Zero is targeted towards those that live in large and congested cities as well as suburban neighborhoods.

Up front, the Zero has a small grille and a set of compact headlights with LED daytime running lights around the edges. The windshield stretches far up the front and seamlessly joins with the car’s roof, which is partially glass.

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Major differences between the Zero and Twizy are the Zero has a fully enclosed cabin with fixed doors and windows, and a bench seat rather than the Twizy’s seats that are in front and behind each other.

Inside, the Zero isn’t sparse with features. Air conditioning, an audio system with Bluetooth and USB port are standard, as are cupholders and a glove box. And despite its size, there’s a trunk, although it’s only 5.6 cubic feet.

The Eli Zero is expected to go sale in late 2017 priced at around $10,000.

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