This modified Tesla Model S looks amazing, and it might even help boost range on hot days.

The Zero to 60 designs Model S caught our eye after it debuted at the SEMA show last week. That’s the aftermarket and performance car and part show that happens every year in Las Vegas.

The one-off Model S P100D looks smooth and stunning with the Zero TS designed body kit. But unlike most body kits, which are obvious from a mile away, this one looks like it came from the factory. The Model S gets a new front bumper that completely alters the look of the nose.

There are sleeker curves and softer edges. Of course, there are carbon fiber inserts and accents too. There’s a more pronounced cut behind the front wheels that leads the eye to the slightly more prominent and accented side skirts.

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At the rear, the new bumper has a more pronounced diffuser as well as blacked out chrome and tinted taillights.

It also gets a $40,000 paint job. The beautiful PPG dolphin grey paint sets off the kit and is protected by Solar Gard’s Clearshield Pro Hydro top coat.

This Model S wasn’t built just to show off the skills of Zero TS, it was to show off Solar Gard’s paint and glass coatings. The paint coating has self-healing properties¬†and will resist light scratches and damage.

That custom quilted red leather interior is protected by Solar Gard’s LX series window film. The company said that the clear film is the world’s most heat-rejecting film. It can block up to 65 percent of solar heat. And that’s the neat feature. Running the air conditioning in your electric vehicle sucks down battery power. Block more than half of the heat coming in and you can use the AC less frequently and at a lower setting. And that can help lower the range drain from the sun’s rays.

If you want this kit for your own Tesla, Zero to 60 designs said that it will go on sale shortly.