Electrovaya Inc. announced last week the launch of its next-generation SuperPolymer(R) cell and battery technology; to be known as MN-HP Series.

The Energy version of this technology, MN-eHP exceeds 200Wh/kg, which the company believe is one of the highest energy densities for a commercial Lithium Ion cell in a large prismatic design.

Electrovaya’s MN-HP series cells use commercially proven electrode materials such as graphite anodes and lithium metal mixed oxide cathodes to give excellent cycle life and good safety.

Electrovaya says its MN-HP cells have 50-70 percent higher energy density than typical phosphate cells, over 120-percent higher energy density than lithium titanate cells and about 600-percent higher energy density than the ubiquitous lead acid batteries.

Higher energy density cells require fewer materials for a given energy capacity and therefore can be produced at lower costs. Higher Energy Density cells also contain proportionately lower amounts of flammable electrolytes, which substantially improve safety considerations.

Typical Electrovaya MN-HP cells are available in 30Ah to 40Ah format (110 – 150Wh) and housed in a flat polymer pouch.

The cells are produced by Electrovaya’s proprietary non-toxic production process which does not use massive quantities of toxic n-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP), unlike most other commercial lithium ion battery manufacturers. Toxic NMP is suspected of causing birth defects and does not obviously complement the supply chain for Green electric vehicles or Alternate Energy Storage programs.