Electrify America, the VW subsidiary responsible for investments in electric-car infrastructure after the dieselgate scandal, is ready to invest in California again. The company announced its second investment of $200 million for California as it prepares to install more charging station across the state.

The second phase of its charging infrastructure will focus on adding more stations to metropolitan areas, adding chargers to regional routes, and installing more chargers along highways.

Specifically, DC fast-charging stations will be a priority. Electrify America said it wants to ensure EV drivers aren’t turned off by electric cars with lower ranges. Instead, more fast-charging stations will make it easier to drive an electric car with a lower estimated range daily. New metro areas targeted for DC fast chargers are Riverside-San Bernardino, Santa Cruz-Watsonville, and Santa Rosa.

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However, Electrify America will continue to invest in its “cycle one” areas, including Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego, San Francisco, and other major California cities.

Additionally, the company plans to develop a residential charging solution. Electrify America plans to work with partners to create an online tool for those wanting to install an at-home charger. The tool will connect electric-car owners with rebates and incentives offered for installing a charging station and provide customer support for the entire process. Electrify America will also offer “no-money-down” residential chargers and installation for buyers who cannot or choose not to pay for the L2 charger installation at home. The cost of installation will be incorporated into a monthly fee, instead.

The $200 million investment also covers chargers in more rural areas, bus and shuttle charging, self-driving car charging docks, more renewable energy to power the charging stations, and electric-car education.

The cycle two investment period will begin July 2019.