Charging infrastructure giant Electrify America and the city of Sacramento, Calif. has announced several new green initiatives to bolster its car-sharing, public transportation, and charging networks.

In total, Electrify America is expecting to fill California’s treasure chest with $800 million over 10 years to promote zero emissions.

All projects are broken down below.

Car Sharing

The plan will invest up to $18 million towards “free floating” and “round-trip” car sharing. Its first “free float” car sharing program, GIG Car Share, will give users the option to reserve and drop off vehicles in designated areas within a 13-mile city radius in exchange for a “distance traveled” or rental fee. Rides can be searched for and processed using a dedicated app, with 260 electric vehicles set to go into operation as of early 2019.

The second program, Envoy, will dispatch vehicles in apartment communities, with 75 percent of them located in low-income areas, in exchange for a rental fee. This program will use 142 ride-share cars offered through Envoy Technologies, an on-demand EV company that specializes in building car-sharing networks for property owners.

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Shuttle Services

Up to $14 million will also be earmarked towards a zero-emission bus and on demand, micro-shuttle service servicing the University of California at Davis, Sacramento, and Franklin Region. This will oversee 12 new electric buses shuttling students in between campuses, with 400,000 bus rides expected in its first year, along with a smaller ride-hailing app program for micro-shuttle transport projected to hit 26,000 rides in the same period.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Lastly, the program will invest up to $16 million for the installation and operation of 10 50 kW EV charging stations in Sacramento, capable of providing charging times seven times faster than standard 50 kW DC chargers. The exact locations of the stations have yet to be announced.