As an ongoing series, Audi has released the first of its “Electric Life Videos.” These aim to chronicle the daily lives of a select number of motorists, who’ve been given A3 e-tron hatchbacks as part of a pilot program.

Besides the entertainment factor, the reason behind the video component of the initiative, is so that Audi can determine the practicality of making EVs a viable option to consumers, based on the participating motorists’ own trials and tribulations and their reactions to “owning” and operating the vehicles.

The pilot program has been set up in four different cities across the U.S., Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the capital, Washington D.C. Although Audi’s first plug-in vehicle is still over 18 months way from being available to consumers, perhaps the A3 e-tron pilot scheme will help spur demand for more Ingolstadt green vehicles. One thing’s for certain, the publicity generated certainly can’t hurt.