It appears the masses have spoken overwhelmingly in favor of electric Jaguars. Not for brand-new models, but for the Jaguar E-Type Zero—a classic E-Type fitted with a battery-electric powertrain producing zero emissions.

Jaguar announced on Friday that after positive response, the company will build an undisclosed amount of E-Type Zero models and unveiled the car at The Qual, A Motorsports Gathering in a bespoke bronze paint finish. The sports car will forego its inline-six internal-combustion engine and four-speed transmission for an electric motor, 40 kwh battery and single-speed reduction gear.

Jaguar engineers also worked to package the electric powertrain to fit the original running gear’s space nearly perfect as to not upset the original car’s handling characteristics. According to the brand, it handles, rides, and brakes just as any E-Type does, while the front-rear weight distribution remains unchanged.

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Many of the components will be borrowed from the Jaguar I-Pace and the company said it targets an electric range of 170-plus miles on a single charge. When it does come time to plug in the 20th-century sports car turned zero-emission cruiser, charging times should range between six and even hours depending on the charging source.

Aside from the modern-day powertrain, the E-Type Zero retains every piece of its vintage motoring experience. However, Jaguar will offer buyers the option to fit a touchscreen infotainment unit. All models will be equipped with LED headlights, however.

Jaguar expects to deliver the first E-Type Zero models in summer 2020. Aside from the new production units, Jaguar will also begin a EV conversion service for existing E-Type owners. Don’t fret, though, the conversion is completely reversible, should the owner have a change of heart.

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