Numerous industries could face a wave of changes with the rise of the electric car, but convenience stores are looking at impending issues today.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that as electric cars become more popular options for drivers, convenience stores could face slower sales and put the beverage industry in a tough position. Why? If drivers aren’t stopping to refuel a vehicle, they’re also not entering the store to spend money. Nearly half of all convenience store customers purchased a beverage. Fuel sales alone only account for about 40 percent of a store’s profits.

Research from¬†Morgan Stanley noted such effects aren’t imminent, but convenience store owners have a right to feel concerned.

“Beverages drive sales, and beverages drive profits at convenience stores, so any competition that could reduce those sales and those profits is a concern,” said Jeff Lenard of the National Association of Convenience Stores.

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Additionally, the research showed alcohol and tobacco companies aren’t in the same boat as other beverage companies. Buyers who purchase drinks at a convenience store often do so out of impulse; alcoholic beverage purchases aren’t nearly as spur-of-the-moment. As for tobacco sales, the addiction will keep users coming back regardless, per the research.

The simple solution is to install charging stations at convenience stores, and it’s not a totally new idea. Last year, Tesla expressed interest in adding convenience stores to its Supercharger stations as a possible amenity¬†while drivers wait for their vehicles to charge.