Charging infrastructure company Chargemaster says UK electric vehicle sales will leap to more than one million by 2022.

The company says that plug-in electrified vehicles registered in the UK will grow 10-fold from the 100,000th unit delivered in May to a total of at least one million by mid-2022. That could go as high as 1.4 million, CEO David Martell said.

Seeing several new electric car models with a range of more than 200 miles, and with a lower purchase price than earlier models, will boost sales.

“We have seen tremendous growth in the uptake of electric cars over the past five years, as they’ve become more competitive in terms of costs, and more practical in terms of range,” Martell said. “The number of EVs on UK roads has increased from fewer than 2,000 in July 2012 to more than 100,000 today.

Chargemaster was pleased to see Kia in May open up its Electric Vehicle Experience Center (EVEC) in Milton Keynes, a suburb near London. It was coordinated with the 100th PEV being registered that month, which Chargemaster celebrated by driving a fleet of 25 PEVs from Greenwich to EVEC in Milton Keynes, a distance of 100,000 meters (62 miles).

Kia is promoting EVEV as a showroom where visitors can learn the merits of owning a PEV, and where they can test-drive the cars and find out about available options.

Visitors will see new electric Kia models coming out later. For now, they can test drive the all-electric Soul crossover and the plug-in hybrid Optima sedan. The battery electric Soul can go up to 132 miles (213 km). The Optima can move up to 33 miles (53 km) on battery power.

Features being pitched by Kia include a charging-point locator, an 8-inch touchscreen with satellite navigation, digital radio, and a reversing camera system in the Kia Soul. The Optima gets the touchscreen with access to navigation, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Kia Connected Services is powered by TomTom’s navigation system.

The charging company is pleased to see a selection of diverse PEV offerings coming from carmakers.

“Consumers will also be able to choose from a larger range of electric vehicles, from manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo, as well as significant new models such as the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model 3,” Martell said.

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Along with 200-plus mile electric vehicles like the Model 3 coming to market, PEV adoption will be influenced by the government’s dramatic policy mandate this week – that no fossil fuel-powered vehicles will be offered for sale after 2040.

Electric cars currently make up less than 5 percent of new car registrations in the country. Chargemaster thinks it will only take a modest uptick to reach the million PEV mark. The charging company’s forecast assumes new vehicle sales would need to be just over 7 percent in PEVs for the goal to be met.