Nov. 10, 2006: San Bernardino County Sun—Filmmaker Discusses Electric Car Heartbreaker

Summary: "No gas. No pollution. No noise. No maintenance. Too good to be true?

For a few brief years starting in 1996, electric cars cruised the streets and freeways of California, their owners happily indifferent to fluctuating gas prices.

But in 2003, despite a 1990 state mandate to produce zero-emission vehicles to cut down on California’s lung-searing smog, the plug on the experiment was pulled.

Filmmaker Chris Paine, who fell in love with his General Motors EV-1, was heartbroken when the carmaking giant confiscated and crushed hundreds of the pollution-free vehicles. The company refused to renew the vehicles’ leases and wouldn’t let customers purchase them."

Paine spoke at a luncheon provided to carpooling San Bernardino county employees about his movie and the future of electric cars—which looks brighter all the time.

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