The new electric London Taxi has made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, making the black cab a little more green.

While the London Taxi Company TX5’s trip was far from the fastest up the historic hill climb at Goodwood, it was likely the most silent. And possibly the most important; at least for residents of London.

London Taxi Company, the company that has been building London’s iconic black cabs since 1973, is introducing its first new model since 2006. The TX5 uses a Volvo-sourced three-cylinder gas engine as a range extending generator, built on an all-new and all aluminum platform. Rumours put the electric range at around 70 miles. The company, owned by Chinese automaker Geely, has been developing the new car for sale in London, and around the world.

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The electric TX5 has been spotted undergoing extreme temperature and mountain testing, but this run at Goodwood is the first time that the new cab has been shown officially. It’s expected to become available to London cab drivers later this year.

The new cabs will be built at a brand new plant located in Coventry. The facility is the first in the UK dedicated to electric vehicles. It can produce up to 20,000 TX5s a year, for sale around the world.