Actually, if you count other sales milestones, the Leaf’s global record tally is much higher, and its latest came in October by selling 2,002 units in the U.S. – up incrementally over September, and up 26 percent year-over-year.

Sales of 2,002 new Leafs compared favorably with 1,953 sold in September and this was the eighth consecutive month Nissan’s electric car outdid itself in some form or fashion.

“Leaf sales in October set a monthly record for the eighth month in a row with improved availability of the popular S trim driving further sales in new wave markets such as Houston and Boston,” said Erik Gottfried, director, Nissan electric vehicle sales and marketing. “Atlanta held on to the title of No. 1 Leaf market for the third month in a row, narrowly edging out San Francisco. As Leaf sales continue to diversify geographically, we saw particularly strong sales in the Central Region led by Denver and Salt Lake City.”

Compared to October 2012, sales of 2,002 units in 2013 constituted a 26.8 percent increase and all this year the car has been exceeding sales from a lackluster year in 2012.

As for the month by month scores this year, here they are:

January – 650
February – 653
March – 2,236
April – 1,937
May – 2,138
June – 2,225
July – 1,864
August – 2,420
September – 1,953
October – 2,002

The Leaf is the only mainstream-priced electric car sold in all 50 states that is seeing this kind of success.

As Tesla is doing on the high end, Nissan is pushing back resistance and represents the forefront of success other plug-in electric cars makers hope to follow when their confidence levels rise high enough.

The Leaf’s 2013 price decrease, now-made-in-USA status, state and federal incentives, and word-of-mouth endorsements are letting it hit a stride that’s been so far, so good this year.