Eco Science Solutions, Inc. said it is continuing tests of its fuel-saving and emissions-improving EcoFlora Spark Plug and is preparing for its next stage of testing.

The goals of its testing to date in the United States and Canada were to ensure that the EcoFlora plug would run properly and without issue in various types of automobiles and also predominately to show improvement in emissions.


ESS said also these tests were performed in both old and newer model vehicles from various manufacturers including Volvo, Ford, Mitsubishi, Chevy, and Mercedes. All vehicles ran perfectly when simply removing the stock spark plugs and replacing them with the EcoFlora plugs, stated the company.

“Since the EcoFlora spark plug works in a different manner, it is very important that we were able to prove its efficacy in a number of vehicles,” said ESS CEO Mike Borkowski. “Most encouraging was that the EcoFlora plugs improved emissions and proved to be more environmentally friendly, especially in the older vehicles. In multiple cases, the EcoFlora spark plugs improved emissions and resulted in cars passing emissions that were previously failing. This is significant as most cars on the road all over the world are hardly new or at least past warranty and many governments require annual emissions tests. This one factor on its own makes the EcoFlora plug an important option for a large market segment especially as governments force tougher environmental regulations. We live in a world where the push is to make everything including vehicles more and more environmentally friendly and we are pushing to be part of that positive change.”

ESS explained in these tests the EcoFlora spark plug was matched against both new and used brand name spark plugs.

“We are very encouraged by the results thus far,” said Domenic Marciano, the company’s founder and Chairman, “and we are very anxious to elevate this to the next round of testing. Our goal is to not only prove that our product is more environmentally friendly but also increases fuel efficiency and power.”

The company declared it is manufacturing the next generation prototype spark plugs specifically to fit another large segment of modern cars. The company stated it will immediately continue to prove its technology, and more specifically will perform further tests that will measure emission, fuel efficiency, and power.

While a picture of said EcoFlora spark plug can be found on the company website, as seen on top of this post, not much more can be learned about this technology, leaving more questions than answers in the mind of website viewers.

No word about when this product will actually be publicly available.