Do you believe in the benefits of fuel treatment products? This company sure hopes you do.

Eco-Tek Group Inc. announced that its Eco-Tek 4 in 1 Fuel Treatment for gasoline has been officially certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Eco-Tek 4 in 1 Fuel Treatment effectively cleans and lubricates fuel injectors, fuel pumps and valves while extending mechanical life, reducing emissions and increasing horsepower and torque,” stated Stephen Tunks, C.E.O. of Eco-Tek. “4 in 1 can prevent freezing in winter and has been shown to dramatically reduce fuel consumption.”

The company’s management believes the EPA Certification provides a competitive advantage, and should benefit Eco-Tek in order to gain entry into Big Box retailers, in North America.

It is too early to say whether or not – or when – it will be available in stores like Walmart or Target.

Is this just snake oil? Does it work? We can’t confirm or infirm it, but the company states on its Web site that “through the use of our products, you should experience savings of 15%-30% on your fuel costs,” adding to this a satisfaction guarantee.

Eco-Tek 4 in 1 Fuel Treatment is registered per EPA 40 CFR 79.23 as: 26902001 Eco-Tek 4 in 1 Fuel Treatment – For Gasoline.

Founded in 2009, Eco-Tek Group Inc. is a Canadian company based out of Toronto, Ontario. The company said in its release that it is specializing in the development and marketing of innovative and cost effective green lubrication and filtration products.

The Company’s products are sold to both the end user/consumer in retail outlets, and direct to businesses for fleet applications. After selling mostly in and around its home market, Eco-Tek said it is now ready to expand its operations by selling throughout North America and internationally.