Early Tesla Model X owners are finding a variety of quality issues with their new crossovers.

After numerous delays, the Tesla Model X began deliveries late last year and not every owner has been completely satisfied. The majority of the first vehicles delivered were priced in the $100,000 range.

Consumer Reports has released a detailed story about Michael Karpf, who flew earlier this month to Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California to take delivery of his $138,000 P90D Model X. The 75-year-old retiree was looking forward to driving the all-new Model X across the country with his wife and son to their home in New York but ran into numerous issues.

For starters, one of the Falcon Wing rear doors refused to close while the other door failed to open, except from the inside. In another instance, one of the doors didn’t sense an overhang and bashed into it, leaving a dent on the door. In addition, the driver’s door window wouldn’t motor down properly until it dislodged a piece of chrome trim that was restricting it from lowering.

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Beyond manufacturing issues, Consumer Reports also notes that the Model X’s uniquely curved windshield is causing “double vision” distortion of headlights, tail lights and street lights at night. Karpf ran into an issue with the AutoPilot feature when the road’s shoulder fell away, causing the vehicle to get confused and Karpf having to take control. The Model X owner also noted that the crossover’s heating system had issues keeping the vehicle warm.

This isn’t the only instance of issues from Model X owners. One user on Tesla Motors Club documented dozens of problems after taking delivery, ranging from molding issues to paint problems and misalignment of body panels.

Despite all these issues, Karpf does commend Tesla for quickly addressing and fixing all the problems in a timely fashion.

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