It doesn’t take much to figure out that “e” prefix before Wazuma stands for electric vehicle.

And in this case, the “e” produces 361 pounds-feet of torque, which should send chills down your spine since the torque is produced right off idle.

Your first impression of the E-Wazuma might be “extreme,” “insane,” “dangerous,” or even “ridiculous” until you know it is the creation of the boutique carmaker Lazareth, which is located in a French village just outside Geneva Switzerland.

Lazareth is perhaps best known for another four-wheel bike, the 470 horsepower Maserati V8 powered LM 847 quad.

The monstrous Maserati motorcycle differs from the E-Wazuma by pairing the wheels closer together to provide a conventional two-wheeled riding experience in a machine with enough rubber on the road to handle the V8’s output.

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Aside from this, other Wazumas that were not electrified put into service such outlandish internal-combustion powerplants as a Ferrari V8, and BMW V12. likewise with gobs of overkill power, so the E-Wazuma fits right in.

Developed in conjunction with the French company NTN-SNR, the E-Wazuma has a 40 horsepower electric motor tucked inside each of its rear wheels and is fitted with torque vectoring.

Eighty horsepower may not sound like much, but that 361 torque number is potent indeed.

Lazareth describes the E-Wazuma’s acceleration as “remarkable,” but we think the first millimeters of throttle grip twist will likely produce a feeling akin to riding an Elon Musk SpaceX rocket.

The E-Wazuma excites the imagination and changes the conventional perception about what an electric vehicle could do or look like.

For now, this electric four-wheeler is just a prototype, but Lazareth says the company can easily build a version, which can travel on the road.

There is no news about pricing or a production date.