Dyson, the British firm best known for its line of premium-bagless vacuum cleaners, has settled on a country to build its future electric cars. The company announced on Tuesday that Singapore will be home to its first plant.

The company said the factory should be opened in 2020 and the first electric cars will roll off of the assembly line one year later in 2021. Dyson founder, James Dyson, has hinted at producing an electric car for a decade. The company finally confirmed the project last year and committed $2.7 billion to launch its first model.

The electric car does not have a name and we don’t have any specifications surrounding the car yet. Considering Dyson’s market for premium appliances, its first car likely won’t be the most affordable EV on the market.

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Dyson chose Singapore for a key reason: it holds a free-trade agreement with China, the world’s largest market for electric cars. The company also already has a plant for electric motors in the country. Singapore is also settled nicely in the middle of busy shipping routes for easy distribution. The country is one of the costliest places to do business in around the world.

Although the cars won’t be built in Britain, they’ll be engineered there. Dyson has committed well over $200 million for research and development in the United Kingdom. Its engineering center also operates 10 miles of test track in the country.