Theophilus Chin is a car enthusiast and self-described “automotive manipulator.”

That term isn’t as sinister as it may sound, but rather is Chin’s subtle way of saying he has some good ideas about cars or variations on existing models that automakers should pursue.

Case in point: Chin has recently used the image-morphing magic of computer programs to turn Tesla’s award-winning Model S into a wagon, or Model ST, as Chin calls his seamless rendition.

As Chin puts forward, and some on his blog agree, wagon models do well in Europe. The computer artist wonders if (hopes that?) Tesla Motors will take notice and at some point offer such a model.

While Tesla is thought of as open to all viable possibilities, its next vehicle intended for launch is sort of like a wagon, but not a complete knock-off of the existing S Model. Rather, it’s the Model X crossover, which shows Tesla is at least thinking in the direction of practical vehicles for more people and cargo.


Autoblog Green put the question of whether or not Tesla should pursue an “ST” to its readership in a poll. As of the writing of this an overwhelming majority of those voting, 68 percent, favor the fantasy Model ST.

We’re curious: What do readers think?

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