The Dodge Caravan is considered one of the true workhorse E85 vehicles. Dodge has made select Caravans E85-capable for several years running now. For 2008, this flex-fuel model features a 3.3-liter overhead valve V6 engine, rated at a respectable 175 horsepower and 205 pound-feet of torque. The E85 version only comes in 2WD and offers an automatic transmission.

The Dodge Caravan has always been a no-frills minivan. It is purposeful, but without the bells and whistles of many of its competitors. For that reason, it is extremely popular with the budget-minded families that need a reliable and versatile vehicle without having to pay an arm and a leg. Minivans from Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are more pricey. The Dodge Caravan is hands-down the most affordable choice in the minivan segment.

Aside from its low price, the Caravan is reputed for providing a high level of comfort. Its patented fold-in-the-floor seating and storage system is one of the most intelligently designed interior setups in its class. Any drawbacks? Yes. Dodge had to cut some corners to deliver such a low bottom line. Unfortunately, this translates to a lower quality fit and finish on the inside, as well as a shortage of standard safety features.