Seeking to create a mass market for EVs, Volkswagen is ramping up its investment in electric technology, planning to invest more than $24 billion in zero-emission vehicles over the next 10 to 12 years.

In a statement yesterday, VW explained it expects to introduce up to 80 new electric cars by the year 2025, a nearly three-fold increase from its previous plans. This number includes nameplates across its multi-brand group, which includes marques such as Audi and SEAT.

The world’s largest automaker has said it wants to offer an electric version of each of its models by 2030. This would be a huge undertaking, as the Volkswagen Group currently has nearly 300 models spread across its vast empire. Alert readers will recognize this means Lamborghinis and Bentleys will eventually be stuffed with electrons, assuming VW maintains control of those brands.

Until the diesel debacle exploded in September 2015, VW had been behind the eight-ball in offering electric cars. Having spent years betting the house on its fleet of oil burners, the company’s EV portfolio was decidedly slim. Now, seismic shifts are happing within the organization as Wolfsburg ramps up zero-emission development.

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Speaking to reporters ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, CEO Matthias Mueller emphasized his company’s desire to lead the electric charge, not follow behind the developments of others.

Volkswagen’s initial EV on its new MEB platform will likely be based on the I.D. Crozz concept, shown recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Playing a huge role in VW’s recently unveiled “roadmap E” plan, the new MEB modular platform will underpin all mass-market electric vehicles across its group. A Golf-sized model with an expected range of over 350 miles of driving range is due to be built in the year 2020.

This onslaught of electric vehicles from Wolfsburg reflects plans announced by other German manufacturers ahead of this week’s auto show in Frankfurt. BMW has detailed its plan to build dedicated EV factories, while Daimler reiterated its commitment to plug electric motors into all its vehicles by 2022.

VW says it hopes to have 23 fully electric cars in its lineup by 2025.