Detroit Electric has a message for consumers looking for a sports car that’s as fast as a Porsche and stands out like a Ferrari: buy electric.

Founded by former Lotus executive Albert Lam, Detroit Electric has just released technical specs – along with color options and other upgrades – on the SP:01. The company is now one step closer to offering this two-seater for sale, which it calls one of the world’s fastest production EVs.

Ever since the company was relaunched in 2013, it has struggled to finalize the SP:01 for production. First establishing itself in Michigan, the company moved to the Netherlands before announcing last summer that a plant in Royal Leamington Spa, England, will build its sports car.

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Similar to the Tesla Roadster, the SP:01 is based on the aluminum chassis of the Lotus Elise. However, with a curb weight of 2,590 pounds, the SP:01 is more than 100 pounds lighter. Its sleeker profile also shaves off a few inches on all sides.

The SP:01 tops out at 155 mph, exceeding the Tesla Roadster’s fastest speed of 125. In a race to 60 mph, both tie at 3.7 seconds.

Though they are closely matched for racing, the Roadster has a longer range. After the battery in the SP:01 loses its charge at 179 miles, the Tesla can still travel another 66 miles.

A few unique systems set the SP:01 apart from most other production EVs. For starters, this two-door has vehicle-to-grid capabilities. Dubbed the 360-POWERBACK, this system allows the SP:01’s battery to provide power for another EV, or even a home.

The infotainment system can connect to a smartphone, giving users the ability to change the music, see the car’s remaining battery level and even adjust the cabin temperature.

The SP:01 will be available in seven basic shades of metallic paint and will have five different wheel choices. Other options include one- and two-tone leather seats, touches of carbon fiber on the spoiler and diffuser, and a selection of interior accents.

Detroit Electric has not announced delivery dates or final pricing on the SP:01, though it is expected to be officially on sale in the next few months with a base price of $135,000.

On its website, Detroit Electric hints that this sports car is only the first step for the company.

“The limited-edition SP:01 will herald a new family of all-electric production cars, including two other high-performance models that are planned from 2016,” says the company.