With the vehicles now fixed and supply limited, demand for vehicles affected by Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal is proving to be strong.

Volkswagen was unable to sell the vehicles with its “Generation 3” 2.0-liter diesel engines until it introduced a software fix to bring vehicles within compliance of U.S. emissions laws. It did just that in January of this year and now those vehicles are beginning to hit the market. One might think VW dealerships would be offering the vehicles for a steal, but in reality, they are going for their original MSRP.

In some cases, even lightly used 2015 model year TDIs are being resold for close to or at their original sticker price. One sales manager of a VW dealership in California told Car And Driver that they haven’t had a TDI make it through prep and cleaning and displayed on a lot – they’ve all been sold before that.

Demand for the cars is certainly being fuelled by VW’s earlier admonition that it will probably halt diesel sales in the United States going forward, and a lack of stock is compounding the effects of this. With plenty of consumers looking to buy a fixed car with the third-generation engine and only a limited number available, it’s easy to see why a used 2015 TDI is going for its original sticker.

The good news is that relief is on the horizon. As dealers begin to fix the affected cars and more vehicles become eligible for sale, stock will begin to even with demand and prices should lower. For now, though, VW’s once illegal TDI remains a hot commodity.

This article originally appeared at AutoGuide.com