Denso, a key supplier of Detroit and Japanese automakers, has announced its latest technology meant to keep drivers focused on the road.

This time, its a head-up display with 24-inch projection, a size Denso claims is the largest in the world. Made of a thin-film transistor, liquid-crystal, it is much brighter than traditional HUDs. The screen, which projects three meters ahead of the driver, provides critical information such as vehicle driving speed, speed limits, and pedestrian locations that are mapped using external sensors.

In addition, there is lane guidance represented by a series of arrows directing eyes to the correct lane, which activate upon an anticipated path, such as approaching intersections. The HUD is differentiated by a more vivid use of colors and visual effects, optimized for driving in daylight.

Look for the new head-up display on the 2018 Lexus LS on sale in Nov. 2017.